The Journeymen Cricket Club
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Who are The Journeymen?

The Journeymen team was formed in 1988, as a wandering side to play friendly cricket against convivial teams on attractive grounds and played in the right spirit. By the right spirit, we mean that the cricket on the field should be played competitively but fairly, that the intention is have close games of cricket where it matters less who has won than the excitement of a close finish, and that off the field we socialise with the opposition and become friends with them. See The Aims of the Club.

Over the 20 years that the Journeymen has been in existence we have held firm to our beliefs and practice. Every season is memorable, recorded in the Journeymen Annual together with season and career statistics.

In our first season, we played five fixtures: we lost the first three but won the last two (one of those by 1 run). From that first season, there are still six players who turn out for the team today. We now have a squad of about 20 players. But we are always looking for more.

We are mostly in our forties and fifties (and one or two in their sixties!) but have much cricketing experience, a good knowledge of the game and a love of playing. But we also have young players who turn out for us, because they enjoy the cricket we play and because we always make sure that everyone gets involved in the game. And we have a youth policy - i.e. sons of current players.

Founder: Stephen Chalke

Captain: Nigel Bloch

Vice-Captain: Anthony Douglas

Fixtures Secretary: Marlon Hayes